To Eliminate poverty and make living environment safe, filled with happiness for the vulnerable children and their families through education.



Working towards a holistic approach to poor communities and their children who are economically weak- and to have access to quality education, health and the youth have access to opportunities for higher education and employment.


Advisor's message

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Aa Foundation for Community Development has the vision and mission to take up issues of people from difficult environs with the Focus on improving the quality of life and develop the primepotentials of young children by providing opportunities for their safe, healthy and happy growth.The entry point in this mission begins in the area of Early Child Care and Education with reach out to address the various crucial issues in the rural community over a planned period of time. It is based on the conviction that the investment in early childhood will emerge with benefits for the whole community.The Anganwadis Centre with specific space for children is crucial in f[20 to 25 is the ideal] facilitating all round growth of children2,3,4,5 years. While the Govt’s ICDS has been in operation over the years it is  quite a debate on the quality it imparts. Identifying the gaps it is imperative to plan a modified and more effective approach.  AIMS to achieve Quality in the ECCC under AaFCD.

To provide adequate space safe hygienic and aesthetic for children to play indoors and outdoors and acsess to stimulating playing learning materials.

*To reinforce training inputs with plans for regular on job trainingfollowed by ongoing inputs to enhance the knowledge skills and methodology of teaching young children which must be child centred and child friendly versus the teacher making the children repeat after her.

The later approach is verydetrimental to the learning process of children below 6 years.It is necessary to understand the learning patterns of the 2 s,3s,4, and 5year olds

*To train teachers in the preparation of stimulating play materialsfrom low cost, no cost eco friendly environmental resources.The playmaterials must be  suitable and safe for handling by the child.Attention must be drawn to keep these materials in a good state for repair at all times.

*To ensure theTeacher’s regular attendance at the Centre and inconducting the regular programmes for all the children.  This can be effectively strengthened with regular  monitoring and on job guidance to the worker at the centre

*To enlist the involvement of Parents and Community in contributing tothe  progress  in all areas of child care.

*To maintain  only essential registers with report writing after  the preschool programme so that full attention is given to children during their stay at the centre.

The role of the Foundation calls for a  multi  tasked approachas monitor and mentor in the initial stages with much attention  to meaningful training schedules, regular monitoring and delegating tasks to rest of the staff. It is necessary to maintain a congenial rapport with all, who work for the cause.

An evaluation schedule will greatly help in the monitoring process to ensure effectivity and efficiency . Any gaps in the functioning process must be attended to and  rectified without much delay.The Quality based model developed under AaFCD should be  replicable in all the ICDS centres and other NGO’sWishing all Success to Aa Foundation for Community in its Pioneering venture


Advisor for child development programme Aa foundation for Community development
Indira Swaminathan
Educational  Consultant
Akshayam Educational Resource Centre


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